28 Jun, 2013


Still here and I have some exciting news!!

Wow. I can’t quite believe how long it’s been since I last posted on here. Simply to say, life has been both very tiring and busy since I was last here.

Without further ado, I am very excited and happy to announce my husband and I are expecting our first baby! Our little one is due at the end of October and I have only in the last couple of weeks begun to feel much better during the day after suffering from sickness for about 15 weeks!


As you can imagine, this has made working outside and standing quite difficult. That said, I have been able to slowly get the pieces finished I needed to be ready for the Fabulous Places Summer Market on Sunday the 7th July (which coincidentally is my first wedding anniversary!) I wanted to keep you all updated because I will be stopping painting furniture and taking on commissioned pieces at the end of July but will still be accepting pet portrait commissions up until October. 

I have lots of work to share here with you again and will start off these posts next week.

Have a great weekend everybody!

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