09 Mar, 2012


Pheasant painting progress

It’s been a while since I shared a painting update with you…

Here he is, looking a lot more lifelike now. I am enjoying trying to capture all the different colours that are present in his many different shapes of feather!


08 Mar, 2012


Another new bag design

Here is my latest design of bag – it was inspired by my love of the seaside and particularly memories I have of my childhood family holidays to the beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast in Wales. It has applique images on both sides, a lovely button to close it, a large pocket on the back and an illustrated lining.

I am working towards having my designs ready for the British Craft Trade Fair but if you would like to enquire about purchasing one of these bags when they will become available (or the Poppy bag I posted about a few weeks ago) please get in touch!


04 Mar, 2012


Exploring pattern

As I mentioned in my last post I am taking part in The Art and Business of Surface Pattern and Design e-course by Rachael Taylor and Beth Nicholls. I have been steadily working away through each exercise and finally got around to creating my first technical repeat pattern (above). I enjoyed exploring the possible options for this first design and managed to finish it in time to submit it to a wallpaper design competition that we were told about as part of the course. Below is a concept board I put together using this pattern:

I am hoping to have time soon to really develop the ideas I have flying around my head – at the moment I seem to be experiencing idea and information overload!


05 Feb, 2012


Hello February!

I can’t believe it’s February already – I know it’s a cliche but the start of this year has gone so fast!

This week I’ve been busy painting both my pheasant and a new image for some new ideas I’ve had:

and over the weekend we’ve had 4 inches of snow and to make the most of this went for a long walk around the village and neighbouring fields:

What have you been up to this week?


26 Jan, 2012


A quick painting update

Here’s what my pheasant painting is looking like now – there’s still lots and lots of feathers to put in … think I might be sick of them by the time I’m finished!

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