21 May, 2011


Feathers and Fairs

Hi everybody, I’m writing this post from my garden as I try to soak up as many rays as possible – the sun has been out most of the day and this is the first chance I’ve been able to enjoy it!

I thought I’d firstly share with you a couple of etsy treasuries I have been features in:

My Butterfly on Clematis print was included in a collection of flower images by the lovely Clare Loveday

and my Spider cushion cover was included in a collection of spider themed items by Jennifer Smith

I have also been sent an image advertising the Summer Food & Gift Fair, the next big event I will be exhibiting at. It is being held at the stunning Roundhouse in Derby after the Christmas fair there was so well received. If you are in the Derbyshire area I would highly recommend a visit.

I am also nearing the completion of my chicken painting – i have added more depth to the straw ans have begun work on the background. I am basing the background on a photograph I took of some forget-me-nots with a hazy green/brown background. I have started laying down the darker colours before I start lightening it up.

and finally, I was over the moon when I had the chance to purchase something from Kelly Clark aka Umber Dove – she has the most wonderful blog and I don’t normally get across to her etsy shop in time to be able to buy something. This time I did and this beautiful painted pebble will be arriving with me very soon :)

This photo was taken by Kelly for her Etsy shop listing

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everybody x


11 Mar, 2011


Chicken update

Today I thought I’d share with you a few chicken updates!

This week I have been lucky to find 4 eggs waiting for me from my girls (previously never had more than 3 in any one day) This was perfect timing for pancake day on Tuesday and I have to say they tasted especially delicious!

I have also managed to do a little more painting on my Bunty image – really enjoying seeing the different layers coming together. I still need to decide what will be going in the background but for now I think I’ll just continue concentrating on getting the chicken just right.

In other news, I am off to Paris on Monday *squeal of excitement!* so I will be without my computer for 5 days but will aim to at least upload some photos on Twitter if I can! I will look forward to updating here with all the events and photos from my trip!

I better start thinking about packing!


04 Mar, 2011


Under the weather

Hi everybody. I’ve been quiet over the last week because I’ve had a very nasty sickness bug. I’m still battling feeling nauseous but have managed to take some photos of my new wren badges that arrived yesterday. These are now available in my online shops here and here.

I also thought it would be interesting to show you the development of my painting of Bunty:


I’m new to painting chickens so I’m just enjoying experimenting. I have yet to start the details on the feathers in the middle and at the back. Once the detail is in I’ll start layering washes over them to tone them down and make them look softer. I’ve also blocked in where the straw will be. This is really only the beginning, there is so much more detail to add before I can start adding washes, highlights etc. It’s all good fun though!

Have a great weekend!


12 Feb, 2011


My girls!

After many days of bad weather or simply not being at home when the weather was fine I have today, FINALLY, been able to take some photos of my chickens! The photo above was taken when they thought I had brought them something tasty to eat (when in actual fact I had just bent down to get a better shot!) After I had crouched down to their level a few more times they were less keen to run up to me but still remained inquisitive. It amazes me how each of them have such unique characters.

So please allow me to properly introduce me feathered friends!……….

BUNTY aka Poser and leader of the bunch!


Bunty is truly a character, she is the most confident of the four of them and escaped twice from their secure run before we increased the height of the fencing. she was more than happy to pose for photos, coming up to me and standing still for me to get a good shot!

PICKLES aka explorer and acrobatic extraordinaire!



Pickles is always foroging and trying to find new places to find grubs. She also has a liking to getting up high, finding the most unlikely perches to sit on!

GINGER aka the quiet one


Ginger is the most timid of the four girls – she minds her own business and concentrates on laying her eggs (every day bar one since she arrived) She is very partial to the odd mealworm treat and loves her corn!

MAC aka blink-and-you-miss-her



I had underestimated how difficult it is to photograph chickens – they move their heads and necks so fast which results in lots of blurred photos. The above picture is the only picture I managed to get of Mac (the black chicken) that wasn’t blurred – I had to put some corn down to get her to a specific spot!

So there you are, my girls in their garden :)


23 Jun, 2010





I am moving house in a little under two weeks time and will have a much bigger garden to play with! I have always wanted both a vegetable patch (which this garden has) and a chicken run. As it stands, there is a fenced chicken run next to the vegetable patch, with space for a large house and secondary run. The above picture is of Omlet’s Eglu Cube chicken Run and one will be arriving in my new garden a week or two after I’ve moved in! I have chosen to have mine purple because I plan to have lots of purple flowers surrounding the run. I am so excited to be finally getting my very own chickens!

If any of you are interested in keeping your own chickens I would recommend taking a look over at Omlet’s website; not only do they have various runs available but they have very useful information on hens and chickens which you might find useful. The lovely Bonnie from Goinghometoroost also gave me this very useful link to help you find the perfect chickens for you and if you’re in the UK, I found this site and this book which are also very interesting. I am going to get my chickens in September, after I have got back from my last holiday this year – I think I’ll be more excited about getting back off my holidays this time! Plus, I have yet to decide on the type of chicken I’d like….too many decisions!

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