31 Aug, 2011


Otters and Owls

On Sunday my OH and I decided it would fun to visit the Chestnut Centre in Chapel, Derbyshire. Somebody I know had recommended it to me and when I found out it was an otter and owl conservation sanctuary I had to go! Since they started their Otter breeding and rehabilitation programme over 30 years ago, they have greatly increased the number of animal species at the Centre. Here are a few photos taken as we walked around:

As soon as we entered the park this beautiful dear, named Apricot, was there to greet us! 

There were lots of different types of otter to see, including…North American river otters

Eurasian otters…

Asian short-clawed otters…

and giant otters from South America (pictures are not in this order – some of the enclosures were too dark to take photos)

this pair were very cute and came very close to the pen’s border for us to get some good shots.

The owls there included South American great horned owls, Spectacled owls, little owls, snowy owls and the Great grey owl. (unfortunately their pens were too dark and the wire too close together to get any good shots :( but it was lovely to see them all!) It was a lovely day, finished with a picnic in the sunshine. 

 I love visiting places like this, is great for me to get reference material for artwork but I also just love getting close to wildlife. Did you get up to anything fun this past weekend?

PS I’m still taking on pet portrait commissions, if you’re interested get in touch via my contact page and I’ll send across all the info and prices :)


29 Aug, 2011


A finished painting

It’s bank holiday Monday for me today but I thought before I head out for the day with family I would share with you my finished painting. Here’s how I painted Fudge in 10 steps:

I am now looking for more pet portrait comissions so if you are interested in a no obligation quote please get in touch via my contact page.

Whatever you are up to today have a great day :)


23 Aug, 2010


Fine Art Commissions now available!

Hi everybody! I’m rather excited about this post because I am officially announcing I am now taking on fine-art commissions alongside my mixed-media commissions! As you may have seen in earlier posts, I have recently completed a painting of my beloved cat Smudge and lots of people have asked if I’d consider painting other people’s pets…

So here it is, I am offering to paint your favourite animal addition to your family! It will be on a first come – first serve basis as the nature of these types of paintings require lots of time and dedication to be the best they possibly can. I am more than happy to discuss time frames, sizing, costs and anything else you would like to ask, just send me an email and I’ll get right back to you!

Of course, if you haven’t got a furry friend, but know someone who has who might like a portrait please forward this message along to them! (thanks!)

If you have subscribed to my newsletter you will have just received this information in an email, if you’d like to receive my newsletter then please enter your email address in the sign-up box in the sidebar.

Bye for now :)


15 Apr, 2010


Welcome to my new website!

I have been a little quiet over here on the blog front but for very good reason….I have been working on getting this new *shiny* website complete – it has been designed and made by the excellent Jo at The Darling Tree.

I can’t believe the website of my dreams is actually a reality! I loved my old site but I needed to be able to add all the new information about my school workshops and commissions. – A blogsite is what I’ve wanted ever since I started a blog!

The photo above can be found in the Commission Gallery – I wanted to include it in my first post on my new website because I’ve just completed it and it was so much fun to do! This image is the final picture I had printed onto a 24″ x 36″ canvas – it’s a shame I didn’t get a photo of it against something so you could see it in proportion – it was a large piece!

I hope you all like my new site – please let me know what you think!

I’ve missed blogging regularly and I’m sure I’ll remember things I want to say here to catch up with myself here online!

Hope you are all having a good Thursday

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