12 Sep, 2011


A lovely weekend

The weekend was a mixture of sunshine and showers but it did bring about a very beautiful rainbow later on Friday and then a double rainbow…

Despite the changeable weather, we still had a fun weekend. On Saturday we visited the Wirksworth Festival, an annual festival held in a local market town. It showcases over 150 artists, makers, musicians and food suppliers. It was my first time there and it was fantastic. Here are a few of the things there were to see:

This cow image by Joy Pitts was made entirely from clothes labels, it was difficult to get a good image behind the glass window but you can see some of the details.

This was my favourite sculpture by Duncan Thurlby, a sculptor who uses steel and scrap metal to make his ideas come to life.

This is one of the images by Rebecca Morledge,  a local illustrator – I love her attention to detail and use of colour.

This was another  of my favourite pieces, by Sue Vanderplank, taking inspiration from nature, fashion and textiles.

Sunday was a quieter day spent at home and we had some fun with William, playing with him with sticks and twigs in the garden. He was so alert and took some great photos!

If you look closely, you can see the twig he’s jumped up to catch somewhere around his middle. I think he enjoyed playing around :)

How was your weekend?


26 Jul, 2011


Painting and Poppies!

Hello, I hope everybody had a great weekend – mine involved entertaining 40+ guests in our home/garden for my OH’s Mum’s birthday. It was very enjoyable but tiring! Despite having lots to do over the weekend, I managed to get some more of my eagle owl painting done:

As you can see I’ve toned down the circles in the background and continued to build up the detail on the owl’s front. The next step is to continue this to the right of the owl, until the whole bird has lots of texture.

Whilst enjoying a great family and friends weekend I noticed that my large poppies had FINALLY decided to start opening! I have lots of them dotted around and they have been reluctant to open until this last Saturday…

Beautiful aren’t they? I’m hoping to be able to use some of these photos in some future artwork :)

Have you had any nice surprises in your garden recently?


15 Jul, 2011


This morning in my garden

 I was up super duper early this morning (most unusual for me!) and I couldn’t resist taking my camera outside and making the most of the morning light. There’s lots of colour in my garden, something I love when it’s this time of the year and everything is looking its best.

And look who I found lounging on the lawn, minutes after he’d been let outside…


…such a cutie :)  

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