08 Oct, 2013


Maternity Leave and Nursery reveal

Hello again! It’s been a while since I popped in here – as I mentioned in an earlier post, my husband and I are expecting our first baby at the end of the month. My pregnancy has been challenging at times (and still is) but the end is in sight!

I wanted to update people with what’s happening over here at Completely Kate and my plans after our little one arrives…

Over the last couple of months I have wound down any painting of furniture and have now finished taking on painted commissions (unless they aren’t due until Christmas).

That said, I have a stand booked again at the Fabulous Places Christmas Market on 16th & 17th Nov at the Roundhouse in Derby. My Mum has kindly offered to do the show for me so I don’t have to worry about anything if I’m not able to be present for the whole event. (it very much depends when baby decides to make an entrance!) I have been fortunate to have had the time to prepare for this event before I could no longer paint etc with ease – I have lots of new pieces to sell and am looking forward to meeting both old and new customers.

Despite reducing my workload I have enjoyed a much more personal project – my husband and I have spent the last few weeks decorating the nursery. It has been lots of fun deciding on a colour palette and theme as we decided not to find out if we’re having a boy or a girl. I have used Pinterest to gather all sorts of inspiration and just had fun coming up with ideas.


Spud 8

We decided on a beautiful sky blue for the walls (they were originally cream) and we love how peaceful it has made the room feel.

The colour palette we chose to work with were shades of coral and teal – this is interspersed with creams and beige to avoid things becoming too overpowering.

We hung some shelving on one wall which we hope to fill with more stuffed toys and treasures – the shelving brackets were originally untreated wood and I painted them in a shade of teal to tie in with the rest of the room. (please excuse the dark photo below – It makes the wall look grey!)

Spud 5

The embroidery hoop idea with different fabric swatches came from Pinterest via this blog.

 Spud 1

 We chose a lovely farmyard fabric (bottom left hoop) which has lots of animals included in the scene and picked out some of the colours and animals to help with deciding on the other fabrics. The two fabrics with foxes are from the beautiful Les Amis collection by Patty Sloniger.

Spud 7

 We wanted to add some colour and texture to the ceiling for the little one to look at and found these beautiful pompoms here. We chose three colours: light blue, coral and cream to further emphasise our chosen colour palette. They were really easy to make and have really made the room fun.

Spud 2


I love to make and sew and after searching on Etsy for a simple sewing pattern I found this shop selling all sorts of cute animal and doll sewing patterns and decided upon this one. I loved choosing the colours to make this lamb and added a little heart and our baby’s nickname.  He’s sitting proudly in the cot at the minute and looks very comfy there!

spud 4

We also created a large alphabet on the wall above the changing table using plywood letters and chosen paint colours. This is the only thing left to finish as we are waiting for 2 of the letters to come back into stock. We had lots of fun making this and used white glitter to create 2 backdrops for the letters A and Z.

Spud 9

To continue the fox theme I bought a fox sewing kit and made this stuffed fox which sits beside a lamp we bought  and then removed the shade and made our own using some of the Patty Sloniger fabric and this kit. We also had our two scans framed which really adds a personal touch to the room.

I was given a Lloyds Loom nursing chair which I had as a child in my bedroom and belonged originally to my Granddad. It needed completely reupholstering and painting but we looked upon this as a challenge and had lots of fun turning it back into a beautiful, functional chair. We chose to use the other Patty Sloniger fox fabric and it turned out wonderfully.I can’t wait to use it!

Spud 6

We have really enjoyed creating this room for our little one and hope it will be both beautiful and functional. We have lots of storage under the cot and changing table, a bookcase and a large wardrobe behind another door. It won’t be long now until our little one will see it for the first time :)


28 Jun, 2013


Still here and I have some exciting news!!

Wow. I can’t quite believe how long it’s been since I last posted on here. Simply to say, life has been both very tiring and busy since I was last here.

Without further ado, I am very excited and happy to announce my husband and I are expecting our first baby! Our little one is due at the end of October and I have only in the last couple of weeks begun to feel much better during the day after suffering from sickness for about 15 weeks!


As you can imagine, this has made working outside and standing quite difficult. That said, I have been able to slowly get the pieces finished I needed to be ready for the Fabulous Places Summer Market on Sunday the 7th July (which coincidentally is my first wedding anniversary!) I wanted to keep you all updated because I will be stopping painting furniture and taking on commissioned pieces at the end of July but will still be accepting pet portrait commissions up until October. 

I have lots of work to share here with you again and will start off these posts next week.

Have a great weekend everybody!

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14 Jan, 2013


Hello 2013!

 New Logo

I have been meaning to stop by on numerous occasions in the last few months but have never felt it was the right time to update you all on everything business when I was still really in the middle of such big changes.

As I mentioned in this post, I started to experiment with surface pattern design and this is something I will continue to work on in the future. In addition to this development of my work, another element of my business has emerged…

Quite by accident I was asked to refurbish a few pieces of vintage furniture in September; which were quite badly sun damaged or too dark for the customer’s new decor and my love for painting and refurbishing pieces of furniture was born! As soon as I applied the first coat of furniture paint, sanded or waxed each piece I was immediately hooked on transforming old, unloved pieces into something to be admired again. There is something very satisfying about transforming something into a functional piece for the home.

Victorian Pot Stand

Since September I have been spending a lot of time thinking about my business, my business direction, what my business has to offer and what my true passions are now I’ve had some time to really think things through.

After much thought and design input by the very talented Dana of the Wonder Forest, my new business Completely Kate was born! Dana created a new website landing page and logo for my new business and integrated a new header and background for my website which I am thrilled with. Why the change in name? Well, now I have identified a new passion for furniture and other interior items, alongside my artwork, soft furnishings and commissions I decided the name Inspired Naturally was a little limiting and I needed something that would sum up everything I do and would also have room to grow with me.

School desk

After lots of thought and bouncing ideas back and forth with my family I finally decided on Completely Kate: Design and Decor. This clearly and simply describes what my business is about and everything I sell is either painted or made by myself. 

I am still working on some tweaks to my website – the gallery hasn’t been finished yet – some of the different galleries don’t have the right images in them and the links at the bottom of each post don’t work  (I am working with a web developer to sort these issues out) - In the meantime, if you would like to view my new painted furniture please visit my Facebook page and I have both a SOLD and FOR SALE album in my photos you can browse and reserve pieces from.

I am really excited about this new direction and I hope you will come along with me!

and I know it’s a little late but, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

K x


21 Jun, 2012


Changes – BIG changes….

As I mentioned in my last post, I have big plans for my blog and for my business this year. I have also got a lot to look forward to in the coming months; some of which will help me to achieve these plans.

In a little over two weeks I am getting married! It has been a couple of years in the planning but the big day is nearly here! More recently I have been very occupied with getting everything arranged and have missed finding the time to show up here as regularly as I would like. We will be travelling to Rome the week after the wedding and then spending a week in the Cotswolds back in the UK. I am so looking forward to enjoying two very different weeks and can’t wait to share the photos from the trips.

In other big news, I am finishing the part time job that I have had for 3 years since graduating from University next week! This is a huge deal for me because I am saying ‘goodbye’ to the knowledge of having a guaranteed paycheck each month and am completely on my own. It is down to me how successful I make my business and how it ultimately develops over time. Eeeek!

It has been in the pipeline for a long time and I knew it would most likely happen this year but I don’t think you ever feel completely ready to ‘go it alone!’ My other half, family and friends have all been so supportive of my dreams and ambitions and I have decided now is as good a time as any to go for it! So once I return from my honeymoon I will officially be self-employed. (Seems even more real now I’m typing it and knowing it will be read by other people!)

I hope this leap will allow me the time, space and encouragement I need to take my business further. Another contributing factor to all of this is my participation in The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design by Rachel Taylor and Beth Nicholls. This e-course launched in Nov 2011 and ever since I began the 3 modules I knew it would be the start of something BIG. I couldn’t remember the last time I had felt so excited about being creative or how fantastic it was to be learning so many new things. It really gave me the knowledge and tools to believe I can do so much more, develop the ideas in my head and move forward in different ways. I have always loved pattern, design and illustration and I hope to start combining everything I have done so far and delve into the possibility of becoming more than an artist – using my art to decorate objects and people’s surroundings to make their spaces beautiful. It is my hope to be able to develop my work and see where it takes me!

I also took another e-course, which I began in January, and blogged about here. This course was so full of encouragement and practical advice on creating a sustainable, inspiring and profitable business. I can’t praise this and the other course enough – they really opened my eyes to the possibilities for my business and gave me the extra confidence I needed to begin dreaming BIG.

To round this post off I thought I’d leave you with a link to a fun post I enjoyed reading from the lovely Kelly Rae Roberts. Have a great rest of the week!


21 Feb, 2012


Busy, busy and a new sewing project

Hello! It’s been pretty busy over here lately. I’m juggling working through 2 e-courses: The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design and Hello Soul Hello Business (which I am absolutely loving and learning SO much) and preparing for April’s BCTF in Harrogate.

I have also been designing a new range of bags, one of which I have just completed and can be seen below:

This poppy bag is made from a lovely faux felt and lined with a thick cotton with one of my poppy patterns. I was inspired by the colour of the material and wanted to try something different. The applique poppies are made from a charcoal grey faux felt and the bag closes with a cute little ladybird button.

I have another design of bag ready to be made so I’ll sign off and get making! Happy Tuesday :)


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