05 Aug, 2011


What’s in my bag?

After being inspired by this post I thought I’d share with you what’s in my bag…


1) My Nike+ band – I always carry this with me so when I do go for a run I know where it is (I often run where my parent’s live and used to always forget to take it with me)

2) My Fossil purse – this was a gift from my OH when he was over in the States last year. I love the real leather and pretty patterns outside and in :)

3) My keys – My friends and family always make fun of the number of keys I have but at least I’ll always be able to get in places!

4) My makeup bag – this was a gift to myself a few years back, I love the Bobbypin collection

5) My iPhone – I can’t go anywhere without this! I love to text, tweet, catch up on emails and make/receive calls on the go.

6) My business cards – These cute cards were ordered from Moo, I love how I can have lots of different designs on the front of the cards for no extra cost.

7) Perfume – I have quite a few perfumes but I tend to carry my Chanel Chance around with me. It’s a nice size and looks pretty too!

8 ) Notebook – My newest addition to my essentials. I find carrying this around with me is really helping me organise my time and my blogging.

 As you can see I like to travel light. I try to carry only what I need, I hate feeling like I’m being weighed down with tons of stuff and it makes finding things easier!

What’s in your bag? If you do a similar post be sure to share a link in the comments!


29 Jul, 2011


Organisation success!

I did it! I finally tidied my desktop which now looks like this —>

I even changed the icons for my folders to look pretty :) It’s amazing how much better you feel after you have removed all the clutter in front of you – I guess that can be said for most things in life! How did you get on with tidying your desktop?

And a certain someone wanted to say hello…

he said he was feeling left out! ;)


29 Jul, 2011


Desktop organisation!

I woke up this morning determined to find time to tackle this today…….to sort this out once and for all —>

My poor desktop is completely COVERED with all sorts of random documents, pictures and folders. One of my worst habits it to create folders on my desktop to try and ‘tidy it up a bit’ or save things I’m working on to the Desktop for ‘easy reference’. Unfortunately there’s a massive flaw in this plan….you end up with so much stuff you can’t see anything properly, it just becomes a jumbled mess!

In my quest to be more organised and productive both online and offline I feel a ‘declutter’ is needed. I inwardly groan when my Mac comes to life and I see the craziness that is my desktop – today I’m going to attempt to clear it – only having my main folders on the right (for example Documents, Pictures, Inspired Naturally etc)

If you have an untidy desktop why don’t you join me in attempting to create a more organised backdrop to work on?

Wish me luck!

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