17 Jul, 2013


Family time and The Ritz

This last weekend was so jam-packed it all went in a bit of a blur!

Friday afternoon saw my husband, parents, brother and I travel down to London to enjoy afternoon tea at the Ritz. I had been looking forward to this for so long and my parents who’ve been a few times were so excited about us joining them this time and it didn’t disappoint!

The Ritz 1

I had heard a lot about the Ritz and knew it would be something special but nothing can prepare you for the sheer beauty and opulence of the place itself. There was so much to take in (without being too over the top) and I could have spent hours taking a closer look at every little detail of the decor.



The afternoon tea itself was unlike anything I’ve tasted before – 6 different varieties of sandwich all beautifully cut and presented on the bottom of  a solid silver cake stand, the middle tear was home to the most beautiful scones and the top tear was dedicated to little sweet pastries, cakes etc. I was in heaven and I think my growing bump approved too! 



I couldn’t resist taking a few photos from our table (apologies for the poor quality snaps – the light wasn’t great for my iPhone) – the ceilings were breathtaking and I loved all the vintage china and solid silver teapots etc.



There were so many paintings to admire – some of the most beautiful were in one of the lifts…


… and at the base of the main staircase in the entrance.


If you ever get chance to go I thoroughly recommend it – it will be a special memory of mine for a very long time.

After a wonderful evening at the Ritz, we spent the remainder of the weekend with my Dad’s Mum and Sister in Kent. It was lovely to see my Granny and my aunt laid on a beautiful BBQ and buffet at her house on the Sat for the whole family. It was lovely to catch up with relatives I’d not seen in years and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect either.

As if that wasn’t enough, on the Sunday, my parents and brother took part in the British 10k London run before we all headed home. It was a fab weekend but extremely tiring. 

What did you get up to over the weekend? Were you able to enjoy the heatwave the UK are experiencing or good weather where you are?



14 Jan, 2013


Hello 2013!

 New Logo

I have been meaning to stop by on numerous occasions in the last few months but have never felt it was the right time to update you all on everything business when I was still really in the middle of such big changes.

As I mentioned in this post, I started to experiment with surface pattern design and this is something I will continue to work on in the future. In addition to this development of my work, another element of my business has emerged…

Quite by accident I was asked to refurbish a few pieces of vintage furniture in September; which were quite badly sun damaged or too dark for the customer’s new decor and my love for painting and refurbishing pieces of furniture was born! As soon as I applied the first coat of furniture paint, sanded or waxed each piece I was immediately hooked on transforming old, unloved pieces into something to be admired again. There is something very satisfying about transforming something into a functional piece for the home.

Victorian Pot Stand

Since September I have been spending a lot of time thinking about my business, my business direction, what my business has to offer and what my true passions are now I’ve had some time to really think things through.

After much thought and design input by the very talented Dana of the Wonder Forest, my new business Completely Kate was born! Dana created a new website landing page and logo for my new business and integrated a new header and background for my website which I am thrilled with. Why the change in name? Well, now I have identified a new passion for furniture and other interior items, alongside my artwork, soft furnishings and commissions I decided the name Inspired Naturally was a little limiting and I needed something that would sum up everything I do and would also have room to grow with me.

School desk

After lots of thought and bouncing ideas back and forth with my family I finally decided on Completely Kate: Design and Decor. This clearly and simply describes what my business is about and everything I sell is either painted or made by myself. 

I am still working on some tweaks to my website – the gallery hasn’t been finished yet – some of the different galleries don’t have the right images in them and the links at the bottom of each post don’t work  (I am working with a web developer to sort these issues out) - In the meantime, if you would like to view my new painted furniture please visit my Facebook page and I have both a SOLD and FOR SALE album in my photos you can browse and reserve pieces from.

I am really excited about this new direction and I hope you will come along with me!

and I know it’s a little late but, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

K x


30 Sep, 2012


Great North Run 2012

Hello! I can’t believe another month has gone! It’s absolutely flown by hasn’t it?

Well, this month has been crazy busy (and I hope to share with you really soon what I’ve been getting up to) but until I can, I thought I’d share with you a few snaps of our weekend in Newcastle for this year’s (my fifth) Great North Run. It didn’t disappoint :)

We enjoyed our lunch in the grounds of Newcastle University (where my parent’s met) and enjoyed the flowers on display…

Spent time sat by the Tyne before heading to an Italian restaurant for our tea…

The morning of the GNR the following day was cool, rainy and dull but that didn’t stop us having a fab time…

and we had another PB of 2 hours 16 mins so we were very happy!

I’m looking forward to October (as it’s my birthday month) and I hope to update you with all I’ve been up to very soon. Until then have a great month!


30 Jul, 2012


I’m Back!

Wow! What a whirlwind few weeks it’s been! Since my last post I have finished my part time job to focus on my business full time, got married and been to Rome and the Cotswolds for my honeymoon!

Here’s a sneak peek at all of the things I’ve been up to:

 Our wedding day was simply the best day of my life and it was followed by 2 fantastic weeks away, the first week in Rome:

 … and the second in the Cotswolds…

We had so much fun and it was very difficult to choose only a few photos from each of our different experiences to share with you.

Now it’s back home and back to reality! I am excited to be starting to get into a new routine; one where I am working for myself 5 days a week. The last few days I have been finishing off preparations for an exhibition I have at a Derbyshire gallery for the whole of August. I will share with you the work I have produced for that in another post.


I hope you have had a good few weeks and I look forward to stopping by here again in August (Can’t believe it’s another month almost gone!)

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31 May, 2012


London Moonwalk 2012

Well, it’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted and I can honestly say I have no idea where the time has gone! One reason I can think of is that here in the UK we have been experiencing 2 weeks of unusually HOT weather!! So everybody has been making the most of spending time outside and generally relaxing in the sunshine. (Me being one of them!)

As you may remember I had been training and working towards completing my 3rd London Moonwalk and on Sat/Sun 12th and 13th May a group of friends and I travelled down there and completed the challenge in what was the Moonwalk’s 15 year anniversary. It was a fantastic weekend, here are some of the photos I snapped during the trip:

 Each year we hire a minibus to get our group down to London – it’s a great way to start the weekend! The monkey is our team’s mascot (He is always made a costume to match ours for the year!)

Our hotel, a few minutes walk from Kensington Gardens.

We spent the afternoon enjoying the sunshine in Kensington Gardens (I love people watching!)

Our walking group (minus my aunty Gill who took the photo) We chose to choose Jesters as our costume theme this year. We lost count how many times people stopped us to ask for photos!

Walking to Hyde Park in search of the Moonwalk Tent…

…the big pink tent…

Arriving at the tent (it’s the size of 2 football pitches!)

 Getting ready for our ‘zone’ of walkers to cross the start line just before midnight….

Gill and monkey outside Buckingham Palace

The group as we reached the London Eye…

Monkey at Big Ben!

Finishing the 13.1 mile walk in 3 hours 52 mins …

…and after a couple of hours sleep and a change into something a little less eye-catching!

It really was a fab weekend and we were able to raise money for some very good causes

Can’t wait ’til next year :)


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