08 Mar, 2012


Another new bag design

Here is my latest design of bag – it was inspired by my love of the seaside and particularly memories I have of my childhood family holidays to the beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast in Wales. It has applique images on both sides, a lovely button to close it, a large pocket on the back and an illustrated lining.

I am working towards having my designs ready for the British Craft Trade Fair but if you would like to enquire about purchasing one of these bags when they will become available (or the Poppy bag I posted about a few weeks ago) please get in touch!


21 Feb, 2012


Busy, busy and a new sewing project

Hello! It’s been pretty busy over here lately. I’m juggling working through 2 e-courses: The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design and Hello Soul Hello Business (which I am absolutely loving and learning SO much) and preparing for April’s BCTF in Harrogate.

I have also been designing a new range of bags, one of which I have just completed and can be seen below:

This poppy bag is made from a lovely faux felt and lined with a thick cotton with one of my poppy patterns. I was inspired by the colour of the material and wanted to try something different. The applique poppies are made from a charcoal grey faux felt and the bag closes with a cute little ladybird button.

I have another design of bag ready to be made so I’ll sign off and get making! Happy Tuesday :)



26 Sep, 2011


New bags progress

Last month I mentioned that I was beginning to design and source material for my new bags. I have been on the search for the outer material for all three of my designs and I have finally found them! So yesterday, after the weather reporters got it soooo wrong and it rained most of the day, I decided to begin cutting out my bag pieces and also give this a whirl…

… my free machining foot – I am a complete newbie to free machining but I would like to incorporate this on my bags. I won’t give away too much yet but here’s a little peek at the beginning of one of my bags.

I’m really enjoying experimanting with different techniques and I hope to get one of my bags complete very soon. I’ve got a very busy week ahead, including 3 school workshops but I’ll see what I can fit in!

You can see the first bag I’ve ever made in this post here and here

Have a great Monday everybody!


07 Sep, 2011


Sneek preview of new project

I can’t believe it’s been 5 days since my last post! I have been very busy though, here’s a sneek peak at what I’ve been working on…

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am planning on creating bags using my own designs with a view to launch a new range. I am still in the middle of sourcing various materials to do this but have managed to prepare the fabric I have got so far. I will keep you updated with my progress! 


11 Aug, 2011


Completing my first bag

As I mentioned in my last post I was deciding on how I would like my bag to fasten. I settled on magnetic clasps and decorative heart buttons (which you may have noticed in the original materials photo). I ordered the clasps on Sunday evening and they arrived on Tuesday and by that evening I had the clasps and buttons on…

I carefully measured where the magnetic clasps should be placed and once sewn on I added 2 heart buttons onto the front of the bag’s flap.

I am really pleased with the final result and I am looking forward to experimenting with my own printed fabric and designs. 


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