01 Nov, 2011


Newest Stockist

I wanted to drop in and let you know about my newest stockist, Gallery 52 in Brailsford, Derbyshire. It is a beautiful gallery near Ashbourne and has a great variety of gifts for everyone.

If you’re in the Derbyshire/Ashbourne area I definitely recommend a visit!




23 Apr, 2011


New stockists!

My very own easter bunny! He popped in to say hello!

Hi, I hope you’re all enjoying your Easter break! I just wanted to pop in this weekend to share with you some exciting news!

My work can now be found in 2 more galleries in Derbyshire.

Studio 61, Holloway (near Matlock) – a beautiful boutique gallery ran by artist Karina Goodman

Designate Products, Matlock – a gallery showcasing a selection of artist’s work, alongside their stunning, rustic clocks and other items for the home.

I’m thrilled to have my work available to more people and I am also going to be among Karina’s Exhibition program next year (1 – 30th August)

So if you are in or around the Derbyshire area come and take a look at my work!

See you next week :)



24 Feb, 2011


Created Gallery

I am very happy to announce my work is now available to buy in Created Gallery, Chesterfield. I delivered my framed prints, tote bags, craft bags and cards this week and they are in the process of being displayed in the gallery. I will also be sending a delivery of badges (including a new design) in the next week to add to the collection for sale. This is super exciting for me!

Created Gallery is a family run gallery on Chatsworth Road and you can find out more about the gallery and the Gage family on their website here.

The gallery has recently moved premises from across the road and the new space looks stunning. If you are around the Chesterfield area I would highly recommend a visit!

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