17 Jul, 2013


Family time and The Ritz

This last weekend was so jam-packed it all went in a bit of a blur!

Friday afternoon saw my husband, parents, brother and I travel down to London to enjoy afternoon tea at the Ritz. I had been looking forward to this for so long and my parents who’ve been a few times were so excited about us joining them this time and it didn’t disappoint!

The Ritz 1

I had heard a lot about the Ritz and knew it would be something special but nothing can prepare you for the sheer beauty and opulence of the place itself. There was so much to take in (without being too over the top) and I could have spent hours taking a closer look at every little detail of the decor.



The afternoon tea itself was unlike anything I’ve tasted before – 6 different varieties of sandwich all beautifully cut and presented on the bottom of  a solid silver cake stand, the middle tear was home to the most beautiful scones and the top tear was dedicated to little sweet pastries, cakes etc. I was in heaven and I think my growing bump approved too! 



I couldn’t resist taking a few photos from our table (apologies for the poor quality snaps – the light wasn’t great for my iPhone) – the ceilings were breathtaking and I loved all the vintage china and solid silver teapots etc.



There were so many paintings to admire – some of the most beautiful were in one of the lifts…


… and at the base of the main staircase in the entrance.


If you ever get chance to go I thoroughly recommend it – it will be a special memory of mine for a very long time.

After a wonderful evening at the Ritz, we spent the remainder of the weekend with my Dad’s Mum and Sister in Kent. It was lovely to see my Granny and my aunt laid on a beautiful BBQ and buffet at her house on the Sat for the whole family. It was lovely to catch up with relatives I’d not seen in years and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect either.

As if that wasn’t enough, on the Sunday, my parents and brother took part in the British 10k London run before we all headed home. It was a fab weekend but extremely tiring. 

What did you get up to over the weekend? Were you able to enjoy the heatwave the UK are experiencing or good weather where you are?



12 Jul, 2013


The Dandelion Hideaway

Bluebells 1

As promised, here’s an update of what I’ve been up to recently…

In June my husband and I spent a wonderfully relaxing week at the Dandelion Hideaway in their Bluebells luxury ‘glamping’ canvas tent. (Not that you realised you were under a canvas roof, it was so luxurious!) It was the perfect combination of rest and exploring the beautiful Leicestershire countryside.

Bluebells 2

Bluebells 3

Bluebells 4

Bluebells 5

Our canvas cottage was incredible – it looked good on the website but blew us away when we arrived and we received such a warm welcome from Farmer John and Sharon. We loved the log burning stove, the candlelight at night (there’s no electricity), the daybed and large sofa scattered with cushions and blankets galore and the sumptuous roll top bath. Heaven!

Bluebells 6

The weather was fantastic and we indulged in some lovely food and drink – I can’t recommend the Dandelion Hideaway enough and we hope to visit again next year; this time with bump! 

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31 Aug, 2012


August Break

It’s the end of August already and as  you may have noticed I have taken a little break from the blog this month. This was mainly down to 2 reasons:

1. I have been so busy getting back into a routine after getting married, honeymooning and being my own boss full-time and

2. We enjoyed a holiday in Wales with my family.

It has been a wonderful break and I have also been working on some new projects and finishing a large commission (which I can’t show you until Christmas, after the recipient has been surprised with it for their present!)

I have been keeping up to date with the various blogs I follow and thought i would end this post with a few links that have inspired me over the last few weeks:

This new online magazine – so inspirational and full of good stuff

This series by Dana

This recipe

and finally, this brilliant idea – which I have signed up to!

 I hope you’ve had a fab August and if you get chance, enjoy the above links!


31 May, 2012


London Moonwalk 2012

Well, it’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted and I can honestly say I have no idea where the time has gone! One reason I can think of is that here in the UK we have been experiencing 2 weeks of unusually HOT weather!! So everybody has been making the most of spending time outside and generally relaxing in the sunshine. (Me being one of them!)

As you may remember I had been training and working towards completing my 3rd London Moonwalk and on Sat/Sun 12th and 13th May a group of friends and I travelled down there and completed the challenge in what was the Moonwalk’s 15 year anniversary. It was a fantastic weekend, here are some of the photos I snapped during the trip:

 Each year we hire a minibus to get our group down to London – it’s a great way to start the weekend! The monkey is our team’s mascot (He is always made a costume to match ours for the year!)

Our hotel, a few minutes walk from Kensington Gardens.

We spent the afternoon enjoying the sunshine in Kensington Gardens (I love people watching!)

Our walking group (minus my aunty Gill who took the photo) We chose to choose Jesters as our costume theme this year. We lost count how many times people stopped us to ask for photos!

Walking to Hyde Park in search of the Moonwalk Tent…

…the big pink tent…

Arriving at the tent (it’s the size of 2 football pitches!)

 Getting ready for our ‘zone’ of walkers to cross the start line just before midnight….

Gill and monkey outside Buckingham Palace

The group as we reached the London Eye…

Monkey at Big Ben!

Finishing the 13.1 mile walk in 3 hours 52 mins …

…and after a couple of hours sleep and a change into something a little less eye-catching!

It really was a fab weekend and we were able to raise money for some very good causes

Can’t wait ’til next year :)



12 Oct, 2011


An Autumn workshop & a short break

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I ran an Autumn workshop with an after school art group in a local primary school. There was quite a large age range so it was interesting to see the different results.

I managed to take a few photos as I led the children through the project:

They all had some great results and took a lovely picture home to their parents!

As this post’s title suggests, I’m off for a short break with my OH for a few days. We are off to Yorkshire again, one of our favourite places.

It will be time to relax properly and recharge my batteries before the Christmas rush. I have a Daily Read post scheduled for Friday so this blog won’t be left alone too long!

Have a lovely rest of the week xo

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