05 Aug, 2011


What’s in my bag?

After being inspired by this post I thought I’d share with you what’s in my bag…


1) My Nike+ band – I always carry this with me so when I do go for a run I know where it is (I often run where my parent’s live and used to always forget to take it with me)

2) My Fossil purse – this was a gift from my OH when he was over in the States last year. I love the real leather and pretty patterns outside and in :)

3) My keys – My friends and family always make fun of the number of keys I have but at least I’ll always be able to get in places!

4) My makeup bag – this was a gift to myself a few years back, I love the Bobbypin collection

5) My iPhone – I can’t go anywhere without this! I love to text, tweet, catch up on emails and make/receive calls on the go.

6) My business cards – These cute cards were ordered from Moo, I love how I can have lots of different designs on the front of the cards for no extra cost.

7) Perfume – I have quite a few perfumes but I tend to carry my Chanel Chance around with me. It’s a nice size and looks pretty too!

8 ) Notebook – My newest addition to my essentials. I find carrying this around with me is really helping me organise my time and my blogging.

 As you can see I like to travel light. I try to carry only what I need, I hate feeling like I’m being weighed down with tons of stuff and it makes finding things easier!

What’s in your bag? If you do a similar post be sure to share a link in the comments!

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